How To Become A Pollinator Hero

The monarch butterfly is a declining species that we can save together by pledging not to use herbicides and pesticides on our lawns, and by planting milkweed for butterflies to lay their eggs on. Order your milkweed seeds and partially grown plants called ‘stems’ from or from your local plant nursery. Plant them and post a picture to instagram using #pollinatorhero to accept the challenge of saving the monarch.

Be a pollinator hero by spreading the word to others that monarchs need our help! Lets all take part and see what we can #SaveTogether.

Click the link below to explore our interactive PDF and learn all about how to become a Pollinator Hero!


***Do not plant milkweed in areas where grazing animals can reach it. This plant can be deadly if eaten by sheep, cattle, horses or other range animals.***

A monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus megalippe) at the National Botanical Garden in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This is a non-migratory subspecies.
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