Joel Sartore is an award-winning photographer, speaker, author, teacher, conservationist, National Geographic fellow, and regular contributor to National Geographic magazine. His hallmarks are a sense of humor and a Midwestern work ethic.

Joel specializes in documenting endangered species and landscapes around the world. He is the founder of the Photo Ark, a 25-year documentary project to save species and habitat.

“It is folly to think that we can destroy one species and ecosystem after another and not affect humanity,” he says. “When we save species, we’re actually saving ourselves.”

Joel and the Photo Ark will be the subjects of RARE, a three-part series airing this summer on PBS. The show—”powered by Joel’s ability to capture indelible images and by his uncanny eye and dry wit”—follows Joel as he travels the world to document some of the most endangered and rarest creatures left on Earth.

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In addition to National Geographic, Joel contributes to Audubon, Geo, the New York Times, and Smithsonian. He has several books, including Photo Ark: A World Worth Saving, RARE: Portraits of America’s Endangered Species, and Photographing Your Family. He and his work have been the subject of many national broadcasts, including National Geographic’s Explorer, NBC Nightly News, NPR’s Weekend Edition and Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and the Today Show. He is also a contributor on CBS Sunday Morning and a lecturer for the Great Courses series.

Joel is always happy to return from his travels around the world to his home in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he lives with his wife, Kathy, and their three children.

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