We get a lot of inquiries about internships. I’ll let my studio manager do the talking here:

I’ll be perfectly honest—interning here at headquarters would be disappointing and probably boring to most people. Joel doesn’t do that much actual shooting in Nebraska.

What we do at headquarters is run a stock photography business, which means answering phones, writing emails, tracking images, filing photos, taking care of billing, and all the tasks that normally go with running a business. Most of the time, we’re staring at computer screens. And though Joel’s three kids and his dog wander in every once in a while, we don’t see much wildlife other than what’s out the window.

It also takes a while to pick up the skills necessary to participate in a stock photography operation. We have our own filing system, specialized software, and mysterious piles of paper everywhere. The computer programs we use, Photoshop especially, take a lot of time to learn well. An inexperienced person can unintentionally do something wrong, which can create hours’ worth of work when we have to fix it. Learning how to put together a selection of images for a client is a nuanced process—one that I still don’t understand fully after twelve years—and we only get one shot at a sale.

We’ve had some great, tolerant, and hardworking interns in the past. They’ve come in for a few hours each week and helped take care of things, like running packages to the post office, filing published work, re-filing slides, cleaning the gear room, and occasionally helping me or Joel carry something heavy up out of the basement. They’ve also all worked for free and lived around Lincoln—we just wouldn’t feel right having somebody move out here to intern only a few hours a week.

If that’s not enough to scare you off, feel free to email us with your inquiry.


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