The Atacama Giant (Spanish: Gigante de Atacama) a 282 ft. tall geoglyph in the Atacama Desert in Cerro Unitas, Chile.



An Aymara family (indigenous) in the Chilean high Andes.



Club de Golf is in Arica, Chile in the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth. Creative solutions to the lack of water include painting rocks blue to mark a “water hazard,” using strips of astroturf when hitting from the fairway, and putting used motor oil on the sand and then smoothing it to serve as a putting green.



The cold Humboldt current splashes up against a cliff packed with a breeding bird colony near Antofagasta, Chile. The life-filled waters that sustain the birds along the coast also create a high pressure dome that keeps the Atacama Desert cloudless and rain-free all year long.



A dust devil springs up near the Pan-American Highway in Chile’s Atacama Desert.



“El Dragon,” a large sand dune near Iquique, Chile at the edge of the Atacama Desert.



Flamingos puff up their feathers against the cold as they roost at Laguna Colorada, Bolivia. The variation in temperature between day and night is so extreme that their legs are frozen in a thin layer of ice during the night, which is melted by the sun.



A gray fox hunts at dusk in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

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