An Ecuador cochran frog (Nymphargus griffithsi) from a cloud forest reserve near Mindo, Ecuador.



A vulnerable Ecuador Cochran frog (Nymphargus griffithsi) near Mindo, Ecuador.



Tim Krynak holds up a specimen of a Ecuador cochran frog, Nymphargus griffithsi (IUCN: Vulnerable), a type of glass frog. Tim and his wife Kathy have been coming to this place near Mindo, Ecuador for several years to monitor amphibian life. The Krynaks and their team hope that chytrid fungus does not show up here, but know that many other parts of Ecuador have already seen catastrophic declines due to the fungus. “Every time we come back, if it’s quiet on that first night, we think, ‘oh no’. We’re scared. We think, this is it,” said Tim.

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