A grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) at the Sedgwick County Zoo.



At the end of a workday, employees of Pebac, a “maquiladora,” or assembly plant , leave to catch the buses that will take them home.



A female bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) is caught by biologists using a mist net, near Wood River, Nebraska. Avian ecologists trap and put tiny geolocators, which track sun intensity as well as sunrise and sunset, on male bobolinks. When the birds are recaptured (months from now) and the data is downloaded and used to calculate the birds’ migratory route. The species winters in South America, but little is known of its specific route.



A grasshopper sparrow (Ammodramus savannarum) nest is well camouflaged in the thick prairie grasses along the Platte River near Wood River, Nebraska.



A group of concerned local residents meet at a community outreach event on Dauphin Island, Alabama.



A scientist examines and feeds captive frogs at the captive breeding facility known as Balsa de los Sapos, or Amphibian Ark, at Quito’s Catholic University, Ecuador.



A Bryant’s fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) in a city park in Centralia, Illinois.

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