Deidre de Villiers and her sister Michele are raising two orphaned koalas at their home in Queensland.



Aerials of the North Lakes suburb north of Brisbane, where remaining habitat gets less every month due to development. The few trees left hold koalas for a while, but doom them the moment they move across roads, yards and parking lots.



A three-year-old female koala is trapped in a tree in a the front yard of a house in Petrie, Queensland.



The Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue team pulls a female koala with conjunctivitis out of a tree in Kilcoy, Australia. She’ll be treated and released to a safe area once she’s healed.



Megan Aitken of the Moreton Bay Koala Rescue Team uses a blanket to secure a young male koala who had been hit by a car. Hundreds of koalas are killed on roads each year. Aitken says that without protection, koalas will be extinct in the area within five years.



Sam and her partner Craig Coupland hand raise four orphaned koala babies in Ormiston, Australia. The couple has been working with orphans for five years. Young koalas take more work and care than human babies, but Longman says the animals are part of the family.



Dave Wistrom tries on a koala suit in his home Morayfield, Queensland. Wistrom is a volunteer with the Moreton Bay Koala Rescue group and wears the suit at educational and fundraising events.



Anika Lehmann brushes her teeth as Talisa, a baby koala, looks on. Lehmann and her husband Henk are part of a network of people who foster orphaned young koalas in Queensland.



Mangled terribly after being attacked by a dog, Bruzer the koala slowly makes a comeback at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.



A male koala awaits a checkup and relocation to another locale. His current residence in Joyner, Australia, is a busy neighborhood, increasing the likelihood that he’ll be hit by a car.



Four hours of surgery wasn’t enough to save this female koala, whose abdomen was crushed by dogs. Robyn Stenner, a surgeon at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, says that the injury is common, “But it always breaks your heart.”

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