A tearful young man bids good-bye to his family before going to India for a two-year Mormon missionary stint, Mormon Missionary Center, Provo, Utah.



Fundamentalist Mormon polygamist with wives and children, Salt Lake City, Utah area.



A female bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) is caught by biologists using a mist net, near Wood River, Nebraska. Avian ecologists trap and put tiny geolocators, which track sun intensity as well as sunrise and sunset, on male bobolinks. When the birds are recaptured (months from now) and the data is downloaded and used to calculate the birds’ migratory route. The species winters in South America, but little is known of its specific route.



The San Pete Youth Pioneer Pageant and Parade in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. The parade and show honors the Mormon pioneers and others who settled Utah.



Two young contestants in the Mount Pleasant, Utah Pioneer’s Pageant struggle with an aspiring “animal actor.”

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