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Retirees frolic in a pool at the Fun N Sun Resort in San Benito, one of many border communities that attract “winter Texans” from the north every fall.



San Benito high school greyhounds football team hold hands in prayer before an important game in San Benito, Texas.



At the end of a workday, employees of Pebac, a “maquiladora,” or assembly plant , leave to catch the buses that will take them home.



Criss-crossed by the shadows of containment bars in the back of a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle, a ten-year-old boy is driven back to his hometown of Matamoros after being caught sneaking into Brownsville, Texas.



A Mexican family wade across the Rio Grande beneath the International bridge, leaving Matamoros and entering Brownsville, Texas illegally.



Members of the Escaramuza Espuelas de Oro, the Golden Spur Equestrian drill team, are dressed in traditional Mexican dress at a festival in El Paso, Texas.



Pedestrians on a walkway are bombarded by loud signs written in English and Spanish in Laredo, Texas. Many of the residents, about 75 percent, are bilingual.



An aloe plant in an aloe field, where many of the workers are resident aliens, Mexican citizens with green cards allowing them to work in the United States. The aloe leaves will be processed into ointments, cosmetics, and beverages after harvest.



Ranch hands relax and joke after a day of working cattle on the 130,000-acre Callaghan ranch near Encinal, Texas.



Surrounded by a mountain of maroon sweatshirts, top seamstress Rolanda Vasquez Hernandez assembles more sweatshirts to add to the pile. The sign above her head indicates that she meets or exceeds 100 percent of her production goal at the Nova/Link plant, a “maquiladora,” or assembly plant.

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