The opening spread of the article “Sanctuary: US National Wildlife Refuges” in the October, 1996 issue of National Geographic magazine, featuring Joel Sartore’s photos.



Four juvenile condors, (Gymnogyps californianus), feed on a partial dairy calf provided for them by biologists at Los Padres National Forest in California. These one-year-old birds are the first to be released into the wild after being reared by their own parents, rather than puppets. (IUCN: Critically endangered, US: Endangered)



Canada goose hunters at Upper Souris NWR, ND, using giant decoys to attract game.



Juvenile California condors, (Gymnogyps californianus) critically endangered (IUCN) and federally endangered, recently released into the wild, feed on a calf that was left for them by biologists. (Los Padres Nat’l Forest)



Endangered Florida panther caught in the wild with a cameratrap at the Florida Panther NWR near Naples, Florida. This panther is suffering from mange and ringworm as a result of inbreeding within the small population. Upon seeing the animal, biologists remarked on how good it looked compared to the last time they radio-collared it.



Domestic reindeer being herded via helicopter on Nunivak Island, part of the Yukon Delta NWR.



Thousands of bull walrus crowd the beach at Togiak NWR in Alaska.



Overview of thousands of bull walrus crowding the beach at the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

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