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Individually signed by Joel Sartore

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About the Book

Welcome to a journey across Nebraska. Relax, take your time, and enjoy the vistas. From Carhenge to the Wayne Chicken Show, Burwell to Omaha, this book captures the essence of Nebraska—the people, places, and events that make this state our home. Joel Sartore drove ten thousand miles in a beat-up Chevy truck to record the essence of Nebraska in the images that grace this book. Every page offers readers a chance to reminisce about their own lives and their special times in this great state. If you don’t find at least a few photographs that make you smile or remember something fondly, then you haven’t been in Nebraska long enough.


“A light, clever, alternately lowbrow and highbrow, evocative and stunningly gorgeous 144-page photographic celebration of everything good about life in this state. Roiling crimson thunderheads and dangling Rocky Mountain oysters, loving mothers and painted ladies packing six-shooters. This is photography as art, comedy, story, social anthropology, and pep rally. For Nebraskans, it’s bound to become a lasting document on why somebody would choose to live here.” — Robert Nelson, Omaha World-Herald

“In color photos and homespun humor, Sartore paints a portrait of a state where you can still field a six-man football team, and kids can take their little red wagon to a small-town grocery store without fear. Or where a winning cowboy proudly shows off his missing teeth to pretty young girls, and hairy-chested young men wearing brown bags and yellow beaks strut their stuff at the Wayne Chicken Show.” — Al J. Laukaitis, Lincoln Journal Star

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